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New College Interns Report for Work



Orlando, FL – The summer college internship program at Three Stars Inc. kicked off Wednesday, May 20, 2009 as several students reported for orientation and training. The program has been specifically designed to complement its participants’ education with the workplace knowledge and skills necessary to land a quality job after graduation.

Even before the economy contracted - making it more difficult for college grads to secure employment in their field - companies have been asking more and more of their applicants, and several years of internship experience give grads that extra edge to land the job over their fellow graduates without any internships.

“One of the things we look for when we’re hiring people right out of college is work experience above and beyond class work,” said program director Keith Kress. “Just showing up to class and taking tests just doesn’t show the initiative that we’re looking for. We want people who spent their free time putting in the extra effort working and gaining valuable experience. It made sense that if we expect that we should offer a program that would give students those types of opportunities.”

Three Stars Inc. offers students experience in all aspects of a marketing and advertising company from administrative duties to creative input into programs and campaigns. The entire process of developing a successful marketing strategy as well as the nuts and bolts of operating the company is available to the interns to learn how all of the knowledge they’ve acquired in school relates to the real business world.

“When these interns leave our program they’ll be ready to work in any capacity at any marketing company in the country. If they decide to apply here for a permanent position they will certainly be on top of the short list,” Mr. Kress concluded.